ARIES – The year starts with full of glitter of life, prosperity, tours and visits to holy places also. New associations will be developed and chances of even getting nuptial tie for unmarried ones. Opposite sex will bring prosperity in life. New ventures will open up. Health will be matter of concern especially for those suffering from blood pressure and diabetes. You have to take care to re-organise your every relation between middle of May to September. With little wisdom and patience things will be fine but any thought of divorce you may have to repent later.

TAURUS – Religious, introvert and constructive thoughts will emanate to get you name and fame in your work and social fields. You must take care of your legal and tax matters and advice of an expert is required. Personal relations will improve. Seniors will be supportive and with their help you will be able to acquire unexpected heights in your life. High level character in every walk of life will be required to be maintained. Health throughout the year will be fine except for the women having abdomen or pregnancy related problems.

GEMINI – The year starts will some differences of opinion with the partners, associates or even with the spouse. Forget and Forgive policy will maintain everything intact. Fear to lose may crop up but elder’s advice and little worship will work it up to positive nodes. Money matters will improve in the second quarter of the year and goals will be accomplished. There is a big change in life from professional point of view but you have to take some risk in life. Drink and Drive do not mix in the middle of the year and any travel towards East will be fruitful.

CANCER – Sources of enjoyment and entertainment will improve. Professionally more wisdom and maturity will prevail this year. New Associations will be fruitful. Lot of foreign visits but ensure you must be accompanied by your partner. Utmost patience is required at home for tranquility and peace so that you can concentrate more on work. Mind your tongue this year. Avoid over drinking and fatigue of physical body. Lungs will be sensitive this year.

LEO – Though you have lot of egos but see that it is not reflected from your face. You have to be diplomatic in every sphere of life. Any abrupt action can put you in trouble in your work place and in personal life. Mathematics of life have to be planned in the beginning of the year. New links will be developed and possibility some old friends and associates may call for your betterment in career. Change in job and work place is possible but take care you do not go for bigger ventures than your capabilities. Mental balance has to be kept with lot of meditation and worshipping.

VIRGO – A mix year of good and bad. But whatever bad happens in the middle of the year will be paid back by the Stars in the end of the year. Financially this year will be much better than before. Some realization of struck money will ease your financials. New Associations will also be fruitful and even those having strains in personal relations find relief with the reconciliation done by friends. This year is good and known as resurrection from career and personal front. Birth of child or entering into new career is possible. Allergies from water and air should be taken care of.

LIBRA – First half of the year is very good from career, profession, personal and enjoyment fronts but whatever you save during this period save for the second half rainy season. Every front of life should be taken on the positive thinking as if nature is giving you lessons and teachings for your betterment. It is better to work on the advice of experts and elders. Any breaking signals on personal front you have to turn deaf ears and pass the time. Health will be fine except driving should be done carefully or avoid two wheelers even when walking or crossing the roads.

SCORPIO – Lack of communication, slip of tongue and getting unnecessary displeasure from your own people may happen in the beginning of the year. Plan like a demon for your material benefits and activate your inner self spiritually without falling into much Kriyas. Visits will be fruitful and change of present profession has to be seriously looked into. If not interested in changes then remain low profile and work on the policy of ‘boss is right’. Health of elders will trouble you. Investment in property is recommended than into easy money ventures.

SAGITTARIUS – Birth of new personality, name and fame in the whole year. New Ventures will be fulfilled especially into the media, real-estate and communication industry. The partners should not be taken lightly and plan their association as per the material gain norms and not on emotional grounds. Sports persons will get unprecedented results. Physical and mental energies will be excellent. Take some bigger ventures which will be fulfilled by the grace of God. Siphon your money in safe heaven then lending to somebody.

CAPRICORN – Good ridness from the old and getting new associations which will be better than before. Remember “Ring in the new and Ring out of Old”. If not taken emotionally and working professionally on business and personal front the life will be much easier. Buying a new office, home and vehicle is on the cards. Do not entertain the people those who cheated you as they may come back again to cheat you again. Take care of your mental health and believing in almighty and feeling he is with you for your good will be golden thought for your prosperity.

ACQUARIUS – Excellent year from financial point of view but emotionally you may get heart. Keep yourself close to your own thoughts and mind. Believing others and working blindly on other’s advice will be disastrous. Change in the work place and residence is possible and must give a serious thought. Health of the spouse should be taken care of especially in the middle of the year. If suffering from stomach ailment doctor’s advice should be followed, self medication will be harmful. Money saved is money earned should be golden word for you.

PISCES – Charming and beautiful relations will develop. But follow the principal “everything glitters is not gold”. You have to be very practical in adapting new atmosphere, thought and venture from professional point of view. Government and Bank support will be required and prefer them instead of getting from friends and relatives. Loans and advances can be taken for expansion purposes. Drive carefully and avoid over-eating or untraditional food. Stomach is sensitive part of the body. The women expecting child will get good news but regular doctor’s advice is required. Worship of Guru or Saturn is required.
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