INDIA 15.8.1947 0000 HOURS

REPUBLIC DAY 26.1.1950 10 AM

INDIA 2012


As the year 2011 has been full of political drama on one or the other issues. Parliament of India could not work even for hours. There was full drama of politicians and their intentions and character is exposed to the people. They have lost respect in the eyes of the people irrespective of the Party to which they belonged to. That was because of the Samwat 2068 named as Krodhi and planetary position and India running main period of Sun and sub period of Rahu and later from 23.9.2011 till 11.7.2012 is sub period of Jupiter. Ruling Party struggling due to corrupt Ministers and Aligned Parties but first time in the history of India they were shown the doors of Jail. Ruling Party again suffered from public movement against corruption at levels of governance. In the year 2012 in the charts of Independence and Republic Day the Varsh Phala are ruled and governed by the Saturn. Saturn means justice, equality, law, jail and justice to the masses but the corrupt are dealt with severely.

The Budget session is also going to be stormy and there are very little chance of running it smoothly may be now instead of hours it will be minutes only. There is very little chance of getting Lok Pal Bill passed and all political parties will play a blame game. The health of Anna Hazare is a matter of concern till the end of April 2012. If everything went well he can continue with his plans of wooing people against corruption. Otherwise some other face will come up and continue his plans. There is a strong possibility that when the Saturn goes retrograde and Jupiter transits into Taurus from 15th of May 2012 till the end of September 2012 and Mars & Saturn together there is possibility the allies of Ruling Party may leave them and forces for President’s Rule. BJP gains with some more allies after November 2012 as they start with their Sun period which is posited in the 10th house in Pisces as Uchabhilashi (rising towards the exaltation.

As right from the beginning of the year 2012 there is Chhaterbhanga Yoga so very little possibility that ruling parties in States can survive. There is election in early 2012 in few states the ruling parties will lose and lose badly in their own respective States. There will be a new chapter opening in Uttar Pradesh and new coalition Government will come up without religion, region and caste basis. As the year lord viz Raja is Venus and Mantri is also Venus the women force will come up.

After the start of new Samvat 2069 which is named as “Vishwavasu”. The result of this Samvat as quoted in our Shastras are that there will be general welfare of the people but the King will be in trouble. There will be no respite from the price rise as costly metals, minerals and iron will increase but their production will also increase. It means the GDP of India will give a rising sign and India will have more name & fame in the world scenario. The image of Prime Minister and all politicians will decrease in India but they will have more respect at the International level.

Terrorism will make news for the East and North Eastern States many a times in the year.

Good news for the agriculturists – rain all over India will be sufficient especially for the production of rice. But due to disturbances in seas of Indonesia etc our coastal areas of Maharashtra will see some turbulence

There is strong possibility of some aggressions on Pakistan and China borders.

Sports – Bad news for cricket lovers and very good news for other sports even our national game Hockey.

Films – As the year Lord (Raja) is Venus and Minister (Mantri) is also Venus people will get full entertainment with good films. There is possibility that we get international recognition and awards for few Art works and Artists.

WORLD 2012

The retrograde Saturn in the first house in Libra Ascendant is a good sign for their recovery from the recession but exchange of Sun and Mars from 7th and 11th house and malefic Jupiter aspecting the Lagna the first house will bring another economic crisis for the European and American continent nations. Their association with the friendly countries may also break and their currency viz Euro may face a bad weather. Though the American Dollar will show a little strength but at the end of the year it will also face a rough weather. As there is combination of malefic Jupiter and exchange of Saptmesh Mars and Ekadeshesh Sun a stiff competition between their allies can be seen and a war like situation on the economic front is visible.  There may be more terrorists attacks and some alien nations may crop up new terrorists organization to disturb them.  Iraq like situation will be created for Iran too by the America and his allied may not support him but at the end of the year American can go with his suicidal venture against Iran.  Our neighbored Pakistan will have very very touch time internally and also at the international scenario.  There is possibility of declaring this nation as a terrorists supporting country and people of Pakistan may force its further division.  Our business will grow with Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and other neighboring countries.  More countries in the Middle East will see the voices of people for another set of regime than running at the moment.  Natural calamities can again be seen on the coastal areas of East and South American continents. 
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