Why Astromatics

If sensible people think that the whole media put together does not measure up to any thing better than being peddlers of commercialized love and glorified hatred, they are not wrong altogether! Because, that is the state of mass media today Whether, print, film or electronic, they are all following each other as their guide! And this exactly is the reason why ASTROMATICS has come into existence: To show them that this is not the way to live!

Is the knowledge for a successful living is hidden somewhere? Is it in the scriptures? Is it in the lives of sage and seers of ancient India? Is it in the laws that drive the suns, stars, planets and the earth to take shape, shine and survive? Finding something that works for you is what is important, and not getting hung up on any one particular school of thought. It cannot be bought or brought about.

To sum up, ASTROMATICS would give valuable astromatical guidance for health, prosperity and happiness, the pre requisites for living better, through its pages, month after month!

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