Pandit Ashok Vasudeva is an inspirational astrologer and carries the mission for the last 30 years of turning astrology into the tool for making right choices and right guidance for a successful living, as Lord Krishna guided Arjuna in battlefield of Kurulshetra. He is also making mammoth efforts to popularize the scientific dimension of astrology and hence making it free from the fear psychosis and superstitions. Pt. Vasudeva is also a Perfect Life Skills and an Astrology coach with unique teaching methods, which unravels the complex mysteries of astrology in simple, interesting and practical manner.

Here are some of the queries answered by him only to clear the concept. If any query crops up in your mind whose reply is not mentioned here, you can directly mail us at: astromatics@gmail.com

Query: Though I believe in Astrology, Why should I learn Astrology when there are Astrologers almost in every lane of the city?

Pt. Vasudeva:
1. Astrology is a self management and self development tool and you can understand your own horoscope better. Your horoscope is a deep mystery, and you can go deeper into it as the life unfolds. You obtain much deeper meaning of your own life.

2. When you yourself know Astrology, every event of your life makes your purpose of life more clear and reasons of visiting this planet more convincing with higher degree of accuracy. You can make right choice on every option with certainty.

3. You will enjoy the sip of nectar by churning Vedic Astrology with your own wisdom and higher consciousness. I will no longer be required by you to convince your soul that Vedic Astrology is a guiding science and not a predictive science.

4. You will not fall prey in the name of Remedy. These days educated and accomplished people are seen trying non-sense remedial measures and other superstitious acts on the pretext of avoiding misfortune. In the 30 years of my active practice of Astrology, I have not suggested any stone, yantra or rigorous, non-Vedic remedy to a single client.

5. You will no longer condemn your fate every time you face hurdle. This Vedic wisdom will systematically explain you about the fate or destiny and free will. You will come to know whether every event of our lives is predetermined or we have the freedom to choose our actions.

6. By learning Astrology, you will pass tough patches of your life or for that matter any challenging circumstances with higher consciousness and confidence of converting bad period into good one or at least minimizing the damage with Master like dignity.   

7. When you come to know who you are then your innate desire becomes to know about the people around you and the people you interact with. No scientific or other method is available to read one’s mind and behavioral rhythms with greater accuracy than Vedic Astrology. My simple tools of screening people have benefited lots of business houses, industrialists, political and social leaders, and community mentors etc. to select/recruit people who later proved to be an asset to their organizations.

8. Though I appreciate the work of Linda Goodman and others western Astrologers using Sun Sign as the base, I take purest form of Vedic system of Moon sign and the constellation a person is born in as base  with 99% accurate personality analysis if corroborated with the horoscope in details.

Query: It is assumed that Astrology requires at least 4-5 years of learning. So I doubt - How much of Astrology would be taught by you since you cover the whole subject in just twenty seven lessons.

Pt Vasudeva:

There is a misconception in masses that astrology takes many years to learn. In fact, I have met people telling me that they are learning astrology for 5-10 yrs and still they have not learnt. To my mind, astrology is being taught in very obsolete manner and no one can ever learn astrology this way, even if he spends his whole life doing so. I am able to teach astrology in just 27 lessons because I apply deep intelligence in teaching and I give them the tool to interpret planetary combination. Traditional way of teaching is to spoon feed the meanings of planetary combination and that is why they spend years in memorizing and still they can’t, because there are millions of such possible combinations. Rather, I explain the meanings, reflections and whole gamut of interpretations of planets, houses, constellations and zodiacs and then teach my students smartly, so that they can understand the technique of analyzing a planetary combination, which they can apply to any possible planetary combination. For example, it is always wise to learn the techniques of multiplication instead of memorizing the multiplication tables.

Query: I don’t know any thing about Astrology. Further I don’t have any idea of Vedic scriptures of which Astrology is a part. I am a little skeptical about my capabilities, as I am not good at Mathematics. What are my chances of learning your lessons?

Pt. Vasudeva:
In these lessons of LEARN ASTROLOGY AND BE YOUR OWN ASTROLOGER, we teach you in most user friendly manner the complicated Vedic System of analyzing yourself and others.  You need to know little of mathematics taught to you up to your basic education in school and intelligence level to apply permutation and combination as per date and place of birth, country and time of birth. We would teach you how to interpret and logically analyze the text to arrive at a conclusion.

We further assure you that we will not put you into hard core mathematics to calculate one’s horoscope or analyze the same with hundreds of combinations. 

Our 27 lessons can be comfortably read in just 27 hours of your precious life and empower you to live a blissful, smooth and fearless life. Astrology may not make you what you want to be but will definitely make you what you ought to be. May you be a worker or king, Astrology will teach you to know the truth and does not keep you in illusions so that you should not waste your energies, time, money and life aspiring for what is not promised in your horoscope. Your good deeds and concerted efforts with education can lead you to be successful.  Astrology cannot fulfill your false dreams but can guide you towards a better life exploiting the qualities bestowed upon you by nature and live a superior, healthy and sumptuous life as promised  in your chart.

Query:  I am watching your various programmes on TV channels for almost 14 years. But why have you devised and started teaching, I can say in almost campaign mode, Learn Astrology module now only? Are you freer now?

Pt. Vasudeva:

I am actively practicing Astrology for the last 30 years. What I observed during my long experience that people become hopeless once they hear about their rough timing ahead. They do not digest this and start wandering from one astrologer to another in search of remedy. What he gets is the state of utter confusion. This is the wisdom of light on life (Jyotish), but utter darkness surrounds him and desperately opts for non-sense solutions on exorbitant fees. This dilutes the rationality of Astrology as the wisdom of light.

Hence I decided to teach astrology and empower people, so that they can learn and understand their own lives, instead of handing it over to someone, who is reading horoscopes keeping his own self interest in mind. Only a person of deep compassion can give right guidance and how often you meet such astrologers? Most of them have their own selfish agendas to fulfill, such as selling non-sense remedial measures, stones, yantras etc. Hence they misguide very often either because their knowledge of astrology is very poor or because they have their own selfish interests hiding behind.

When you learn Astrology, you come out of superstitions because it enlightens you from your inner core. Your good deeds and concerted efforts with education can lead you to be successful.  Astrology cannot fulfill your false dreams but can guide you towards a better life exploiting the qualities bestowed upon you by nature. 

Our aim is to teach you the secrets of Astrology in easiest manner so you do not fall prey to greedy Astrologers taking advantage of your innocence towards the limitation of this Science.

Query: The issue of Sex has been debated and discussed numerous times at numerous platforms by numerous people around the world. Is your Kama Shashtra based on Vedic wisdom? How it is different from common sex education?

Pt. Vasudeva: The conversion of dual existence of Male and Female into non-dual entity is the purpose of perfect bliss of human existence. This is variously called as Maya and Brahma, Purush and Prakriti, Padarth and Prani. In fact, these are two energy levels of cosmic intelligence and if both the energy forms are handled in a way complementing each other instead of conflicting each other, the whole socio-economic scenario can be changed into peaceful, blissful and loving universe.

People either do not talk about sex or speak of sex in a derogatory manner. In this world, sex is the major conflict for people. The joy of sex is dodging human beings. The orgasmic experiences are getting shorter and shorter. Females have become dry and can’t attain to the orgasm. Males have problems with quick ejaculation. It has rather just become a release mechanism or manipulation tool. The genuine happiness is absent from the union.

Our session will teach you how to create a beautiful environment, where love awakens and lovers can truly surrender to each other.  Energy Blocks begin to dissolve, and hence lovers can be in deep gratitude for each other and enter the ecstasy of sex. Once lovers go through such deep experiences of joy, they are transformed as rational human being and become compassionate to the whole humanity. They also start to become free from the slavery of sex, as opposed to the normal human being, who so often keeps thinking about sex all the time, as he/she has not experienced the deep ecstasy. Kama Shashtra workshop will transform you in terms of creativity, abundance, sensuousness, intuition and joy by channelising your energy through shad-chakra bhedan (six chakra upliftment /piercing)

Then sex will become a form of worship, where both of lovers connect to each other’s soul in deep gratitude and surrender. It is also a rinanubandhan (a karmic debt) which you have to settle in a divine way. You will be able to find deep bliss and soul satisfying event and you will no longer be required to snatch the pleasure somehow from outward source and become crazy and wild.

When one lives the divine ecstasy of sex, one grows in bliss, intelligence, creativity, intuition and compassion. If lovers can truly surrender to each other and experience the divinity of sex, this world will be a much more harmonious and beautiful place to live. Remember, sex is a divine process of procreation and not a process of bodily pleasure.

Query: It is often said in media circle that you are a different kind of Astrologer. Even the top TV channels in their programmes often introduce you as an Astrologer Philosopher? How your Astrology is different from others?

Pt. Vasudeva: I am a consulting astrologer and teach astrology. My way of consultations not only predicts the forthcoming situations with immense precision, it also opens up the consequences of various choices, one is going to make in life and hence help him make the right choice out of many options. It has often helped people take the quantum leap in terms of who they are in life. My focus is on developing the understanding of what their strengths and weaknesses are and how they can capitalize on the opportunities and cope up with the threats.

I have practical experience of using Astrology as a tool for making client’s life successful and full of events. There are hundreds of multi millionaire and billionaire around the world who started their professional life from scratch with my continual guidance and full faith in me and blossomed extra ordinarily with the passage of time.  

This is a unique approach towards life where one can be the master of destiny, as opposed to the traditional approach to astrology, where one is just a slave to destiny. This approach is also opposed to the superstitions being promoted as Astro remedies. Mine is a radical approach, which inspires you to live fully and learn moment to moment from life. There is a dynamic equilibrium between destiny and free will.

Query: Since you do not sell or suggest stones, yantras, costly pujas etc. in your predictions, what is your source of income? You are among a few highest tax payers of Delhi?

Ans. Astrology is not my profession but it’s my passion and hobby. I am representing my seventh generation as an Astrologer. I know Astrology works on all six planes- Self, Body, Family, Society, Nature and Existence. I am trying my level best to popularize the scientific dimension of astrology and hence making it free from the fear psychosis and superstitions.

For my ends meet, I do many things. I am a businessman specialization in construction industry, apparel export and technology transfer consultancy. But all these I command with the spirit of trusteeship as envisaged by Gandhi Ji.

Query: Is it necessary to learn Vastu when I am taking Astrology lessons? Is its impact so significant?

Pt. Vasudeva: You have seen Astrology is based on Law of Karma, Planetary combinations, Destiny and Free will along with your consciousness to interact with these factors in a meaningful way to achieve positive results. Whereas Vastu is the interplay of various forces of nature involving the five elements- earth, water, wind, fire and ether and various natural energies- Solar Energy from Sun, Lunar Energy from Moon, Earth Energy, Sky Energy, Electric Energy, Magnetic Energy, Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Light Energy and above all Cosmic Energy with directional wisdom. Harmony of Vastu principles in a house, office, business or factory premises brings mental peace and prosperity to the owner/occupant in the form of good business progress with least possible hurdles and tensions, domestic bliss of a high order, happiness through progeny etc.

So, Vastu compliments astrological bliss with complete harmony.

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