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68 Lessons Astrology Course (No previous knowledge of Astrology is required) Yes, I know it sounds amazing, but you can actually learn astrology in 12 hours. This course includes Video and more than hundred Shashtras in PDF with other materials that give you all the information, skills and resources that you need to draw up natal astrology reports, write horoscopes and do everything that a professional astrologer can do.

What really makes this course stand out, and what I would most recommend it for, is the information, advice and resources that it provides for anyone who is interested in becoming an astrologer. If you are interested in more than the journey of self-discovery and the enjoyment of using astrology for yourself then I would definitely recommend taking this course.

Most of us are curious to know about our future. We want to know the answers too many questions like "When would I get married??, "What career should I choose?", "When would this happen?", "Will I be Rich?", "Will I succeed in business?", or you have questions about children, loved ones, health etc. You approach an astrologer. You are eager to get a solution to your problem. The astrologer gives his prediction. There is no way for you know the basis for his prediction because you have no knowledge of astrology. You have to be satisfied with the astrologer's prediction.

And beware there are plenty of so called "astrologers" out there who prey on your fears and will lighten your wallet in no time!

The good news is you can learn to predict about your future. Yes you can!


1. It's better than any psychological course, counseling or therapy.
2. It is in fact the BEST THERAPY as it helps you understand yourself as well as others better.
3. It is a POWERFUL TOOL which gives you the confidence and the knowledge to UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL.
4. You get to know - the why of what has happened in your life till now, what's happening right now, what's going to happen and much more...


1. The course is divided into 68 short lessons of almost 12 hours
2.. If you spare just 1 hour each day you will finish this course in 12 days !


Astrology is your own Krishna which indicates the options at different moments and stages of life and guides your deeds (Karmas) in rightful direction at the right time to makes you successful in the battlefield of life.

Astrology is not predictive science but helps in knowing the qualities and capabilities in astral and causal bodies whatever you have brought in this birth as per your previous birth Karmas (deeds). As you know yourself better than anybody else so you can look in at your inner self and live life better instead of getting swayed away by normal human nature and get confused in the glitter of world and choose the way of life as per your own qualities and capabilities.

This Course in DVD will protect you falling prey from quacks who lighten your wallet taking advantage of your fears and sentiments whereas you can know your future, career, wealth, love, romance, marriage and profession.


1. You don't need to know anything about astrology to do this course.
2. There is no boring theory or mathematical calculations involved. These days computers do all      the calculation for you (Licensed Parashara Light software FREE with this course ). This      course will tell you the most SIMPLE WAYS to get things done.
3. No prior knowledge of Mathematics and Sanskrit is required.
4. Flexibility to study in any convenient location and timing on your laptop.
5. Learn how to plan your day, every day, and get a cosmic edge over others.
6. Over Hundred Classics of Vedic Astrology and allied subjects in PDF forms for reference
7. Focus on end result what to do, how to do and when to do.
8. FREE Licenced Astrology Software family version CD calculate your chart, Kundali  Milan.

You pay only Rs 3100/- in India and $ 62 (U.S. Dollars) for rest of the globe. This will include FREE Licensed Software CD for authentic calculations and  packaging and shipping charges will be borne by you.

Now order for Learn Astrology DVD

Package cost : Rs 11,000/-, Inaugural Offer Rs.3100/-for India or $ 62 (USD) for outside India

Packaging & Shipping : borne by you

Shipping Location : World wide

Considering this is designed to make a Vedic astrologer from scratch we think this is a small price to pay......

Learn Astrology DVD

DVD -1
 1. An Introduction to Astrology
 2. Zodiac Sign Aries
 3. Zodiac Sign Taurus
 4. Zodiac Sign Gemini
 5. Zodiac Sign Cancer
 6. Zodiac Sign Leo
 7. Zodiac Sign Virgo
 8. Zodiac Sign Libra
 9. Zodiac Sign Scorpio
10. Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
11. Zodiac Sign Capricorn
12. Zodiac Sign Aquarius
13. Zodiac Sign Pisces
14. Characters of Zodiac Sign
15. An Introduction to Planets
16. Sun
17. Moon
18. Mars
19. Mercury
20. Jupiter
21. Venus
22. Saturn
23. Rahu & Ketu

DVD -2
24. Ashwini.
25. Bharani.
26. Kritika.
27. Rohini.
28. Mrigashira.
29. Ardra.
30. Punarvasu.
31. Pushya.
32. Aslesha.
33. Magha.
34. Purva Phalguni.
35.Uttara Phalguni.
36. Hasta.
37. Chitra.
38. Swati.
39. Vishakha.
40. Anuradha.
41. Jyeshtha.
42. Moola.
43. Poorva Ashadha.
44. Uttara Ashadha.
45. Shravana.
46. Dhanistha.
47. Shatabhisha.
48. Purva Bhadrapada.
49. Uttara Bhadrapada.
50. Revati.

DVD -3
51. Mathematics-I
52. Mathematics-II
53. Predictive Astrology- Karakas & Its Significations
54. Predictive Astrology- Bhavas & Its Significations
55. Predictive Astrology- Planets & Houses- Its Significations
56. Predictive Astrology- Planetary Friendship
57. Predictive Astrology- Power of Planets
58. Predictive Astrology- Various Yogas
59. Predictive Astrology- Rahu-Ketu Axis & Kal Sarpa Yoga
60. Predictive Astrology- Mangal Dosha & Marital Bliss
61. Predictive Astrology- Movement of Saturn & Sade-Sati & Dhaiya
62. Predictive Astrology- Fruictification of Events
63. Predictive Astrology- Marriage
64. Predictive Astrology- Career
65. Predictive Astrology- Education, Money & Health
66. Notable Horoscopes of Dignitaries of Various Fields
67. Plan Your Day
68. Remedial Astrology

Now order for Learn Astrology DVD

Package cost : Rs 11,000/-, Inaugural Offer Rs.6699/-for India or $ 210 (USD) for outside India

Packaging & Shipping : FREE

Shipping Location : World wide

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