Premium Membership

For a really in depth insight into your life development several sessions can be very beneficial, so provision of MONTHLY consultancy is crafted to get along with planetary development with changing movements. The in-depth nature allows you to really understand your direction, your future and yourself and is probably the best way to truly use astrology to help individual development. This involves a monthly telephonic consultancy and email consultations.

Premium membership is available for six monthly (for six calls each of 15 minutes duration) & annually (for twelve calls each of 15 minutes duration) payment options.

Further 10% discount on all purchases till you are member.

Direct telephonic consultation with Acharya Ashok Vasudeva once in a month on any issue of concern, prospective relationships, likely business deal, on any subject you think fit for astrological guidance.

Premium Membership Charges: Six months- ` 6,000/-

Annual (for 12 months)- `11,000/-

You can discontinue your membership at any stage. Your membership will start from the following month of payment received.

Package cost : Rs. 6000/11000- (Click here to convert it in your currency)

Delivery Mode : Digital(through email)or Through Telephone

Shiping Location : World wide

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